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Remedial Massage 

Treats problems you may have for example: Wry neck, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Neuropathy (nerve entrapment) & Migraine's.

Often a combination of techniques can be used in one treatment. For instance you might come in for just a simple headache, shoulder & back pain. You may want some remedial techniques or massage.  Then you may want to feel pampered and enjoy a scalp, face or foot massage.  You may decide to treat the pain first, then allow you to enjoy the rest of the treatment.

Therapeutic Massage

Uses a combination of trigger point therapy and swedish massage.  So on a pain scale it's in-between Remedial and Relaxation Massages. (the middle ground)

Relaxation Massage
No pain massage which means "no trigger points!" Relaxation massage can still be deep though. Relax massage is just that: to relax and feel the stresses of life leave you.
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